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  • Date: Wed, 7 Dec 2005 19:06:27 -0500

Deafr volunteers who validate, especially by ear,

Would anyone who validates using Microsoft Word, JAWS and windows XP be interested in sharing your comments about how you handle formatting paragraphs?

Some of my projects come to me in RTF, normalized, with no indications of paragraphs.

I don't know if there's a formalized way of dealing with this.

I've been handeling it by going word by word, no problem to me since I'm enjoying the book's contents at the same time, and noticing lines that stop with lots of empty room before the next line starts. I place my cursor on the first character on the following line and space three times. I've noticed that if I'm right, the computer lets me indent. If I'm wrong, I find that after I've pressed the space bar 3 times, nothing has happened! I call that a major mystery. How does the computer know I'm trying to indent a paragraph where none exists? It is helping me, bless its electronic heart!

Oh, of course, I also only inddent when that first word is the first in a sentence beginning with a quotation mark or capital letter.

In some scans the paragraphs aren't indented, but there are blank lines between them. I've been deleting the blank lines and indenting the paragraphs thinking that braille readers would find it easier to read text without the constant interruption of blank lines and that audio readers won't mind indented paragraphs rather than paragraphs indicated by a blank line.

Yes, and context tips me off, too.

I'd think paragraph insertion would be quicker if you could scan a page visually immediately spotting lines where the first word is the first word in a sentence and short lines which indicate that the next will be starting the new paragraph.

I'm not using K 1,000 yet.

Always With Love,


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