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Hello to all
I got a call from a dear friend. She is Blind and has found herself regnant. 
She is a single woman. She has a job and she needs some help. Could I possibly 
out her in touch with some one this list who are blind parents? Thanks for any 
help you could give. Please email me off list if you are interested. Thank you 
so much. 


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Have a safe trip Carrie.
We will miss you.
Laura Ann
At 06:06 PM 7/25/2008, you wrote:
>Hi gang,
>Starting Sunday, I am going to be OOP (out of pocket) for the next 2 
>weeks, being in Guam with Lisa at a Bookshare conference, teaching 
>the Pacific Islanders how to register their students and download 
>books for them. While I'm gone, Lindsie Verma will be handling my 
>responsibilities - buying and validating the New York Times 
>bestsellers, processing inhouse/volunteer/student requests, and 
>approving books. Her address is lindsie.v@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx  If you 
>have any problems or concerns, write her or Pavi Mehta, the 
>volunteer coordinator, at pavi.m@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx The other Collection 
>Development people will be processing the bestsellers so they might 
>be a bit slower getting into the collection than normal. Please be 
>patient!  The books will be in eventually!!
>I am supposed to have Internet access at my hotel room, so I may be 
>able to logon and see what's up, but maybe not. We'll see!
>While I'm gone, everyone is to have a wonderful summer!

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