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Hi, Jake. I will be in the same position as Shelley is in sooner rather than 
later, as I'm also getting into the field of teaching, so I tend to agree 
with everyone else on this issue. This is the only major problem I have with 
the service. I love all the books I have access to. I love the idea of 
everyone working together for a common cause and getting books up there that 
we otherwise wouldn't have access to, but if Bookshare really does want to 
be a service students/professionals can use effectively, something will have 
to be done. In a lot of ways, Bookshare is really only good for pleasure 
reading, and maybe research papers if you don't have to site your sources, 
but once you hit college, that's a given necessity every time. Take care.
Julie Morales
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From: "Jake Brownell" <jabrown@xxxxxxxxx>
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Subject: [bksvol-discuss] Re: page numbers and student contest

I totally agree. I find that some titles I download have page numbers still
in tact, but the number that don't is surprising.
I have been a member since July of last year and have grown to enjoy reading
the lists and working my way through books to submit. I'd have to say the
one thing that has made me the most annoyed is the header stripper. I'd
rather have the page numbers in tact and listen to the headers than have
nothing. I'm not sure why this issue isn't being addressed by staff on the
list. Perhaps they are looking at it in house, but I'm assuming they aren't
because they've not made an effort to mention it here.

If BookShare staff are convinced that the majority of users don't want page
numbers/headers (I'm inclined to think the opposite) then please move the
stripper tool into the unpack utility. Let the user choose whether or not
he/she wants to remove that information. Then everybody is happy. Now yes
that takes somebody's time to add the necessary code to the utility and
would require a new download of the tool by users wishing to utilize the new
feature but in the long run I see it as being useful.

Bookshare could become an even better place and appeal more and more to the
students if the time was taken to address this matter. I'm really going to
hate it if/when I'm put in a position similar to Shelly's.

Now I'm going to get off of my soap box folks, just thought I'd way in on
the thing I consider to be the least best factor about bookshare. I say
least best because I think the system is great otherwise <grin>

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From: "Pam Quinn" <quinns@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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Subject: [bksvol-discuss] Re: page numbers and student contest

> The print page numbers are eliminated because for whatever reason, the
> bookshare staff is reluctant to let go of the header stripper. I agree
> that in view of the fact that most of us have expressed our
> frustration with the results, someone should attend to the matter.
> Pam
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