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This is on the ssame lines of this thread so it is March 31 and what about the policy of text submissions, was there supose to be a decission made at the end of this month or did I miss it somewhere on the way. ----- Original Message ----- From: "Tracy Carcione" <carcione@xxxxxxxxx>
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Joanie et al,
I too am becoming very frustrated with Benetech's unresponsiveness. I've
been a member of Bookshare for 2 and a half years, and I can't recall any
major improvement to the usability of the website, despite our good
suggestions. No moving the language indicator to a better place, or
reorganizing the step1 download page, or the admittedly complex addition of
more and better categories.
The only improvement I've seen is in quality, for which I think we
volunteers can give ourselves a pat on the back.

I think the suggestion of having the stripper be part of the unpack tool is
a great one, and would satisfy everyone. But will Benetech actually look
into it??? A good business listens to its customers, but, too often,
Benetech's attitude seems to be "My way or the highway."

At 07:02 PM 3/30/05 -0800, you wrote:
I also want page numbers in tact, even if that means having titles repeated
too. These files ARE supposed to reflect the print copy of the book, and it
certainly isn't, since vital information is removed. It does seem that most
of us--the ones who are using and helping to support Bookshare--do want page
numbers, but we aren't being listened to, and I'd like to know why this is.
People here have been suggesting changes of various kinds for a long time,
yet nothing is ever done.

Of course I am grateful that the site exists, and that many people are
generous enough to keep it operating, but that doesn't change the fact that
so many requests are ignored. How patient and tolerant are we expected to


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I haven't been following this thread too closely but do we even know why
print page numbers that we work so hard to preserve when scanning are

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