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Hello Debra,
Yes, if you can, put lower case Roman numerals on those pages, unless you have
some indication later on the lower case Roman numerals starting with i should
begin later. In other words, if the book has any Roman numeraled pages in it,
count backwards from whichever numeral they start with, (unless it’s i), and if
you have any pages left over after getting back to i, use upper case Roman
numerals for those pages.
For instance, if the book has a table of contents which begins on Roman numeral
v, not unusual, then count backwards and put lower case Roman numerals on the
previous four pages. Now if there are any pages before that one, put upper case
Roman numerals on those.
I hope that’s clear. If not, I, or someone, will try again.

From: Debra L
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Subject: [bksvol-discuss] page numbering question

Hi all

I am proofing a book and the first page has in brackets “from the book jacket.”
It is followed by the title page. Should the book jacket page be numbered I
(lower case roman numeral)?

Should the title page have a lower case roman numeral on it? Thanks

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