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Will someone using K1000 to scan or validate tell me how to determine the
position on the line of a page number when one is missing and needs to be
inserted. I understand about the blank line before or after depending on the
number's position on the page but how can I be sure of its position on the
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> Cindy,
> The natural position for page numbers should be retained.  I, like Kellie,
> believe that generally once the bookshare utilities get through working
> pages, it makes no difference which corner the page number appears.  The
> only thing you have to keep in mind is that page numbers must be either on
> the first line of the page or the very last line of the page with one
> line under neath, if at top, and one blank line above if at the bottom.
> should not waste your time repositioning page numbers if not absolutely
> necessary.  I'm sure your energies are far better spent cleaning up some
> texts and doing the other excellent work that you do.
> Pratik
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> Thanks Boomerdad for your input.
> So far the vote is two to one in favor of all page
> numbers being in the upper left-hand corner of the
> page. Unless someone (other than Kellie, who's the
> one, smile) wants to weigh in with a different opinion
> I'll take that as a consensus. (smile) ANd I'll follow
> your ideas about placement of Chapter titles, Kellie.
> Cindy
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