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Win Dies... ick. lol
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On Mon, 17 May 2004 08:39:16 -0500 Guido Corona <guidoc@xxxxxxxxxx>

Sara,  your machine is a little skimpy in RAM memory.  You may want to
add another GB when you upgrade to XP.  I would expect a certain amount
of stuttering from your machine. 
I'd also would like to know if you have installed GW Micro WindowEyes
with Eloquence and if you are using Kurzweil with the IBM ViaVoice TTS


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Subject[bksvol-discuss] Re: page breaks in text files

My computer is a 1Ghz AMD with 376mb RAM.  The strange number is caused
by 8
mb being used for video.  I run xp pro from the E partition of my
and have 98 on C.  Kurzweil and all my other software is installed to
both C
and E, so the two operating systems can't mess with each other's files.
I have an MSI motherboard with a VIA chipset that jaws doesn't get along
with.  Freedom Scientific is currently investigating, so I don't use xp
much.  I don't use it at all for scanning because I need a new PCI SCSI
instead of the ISA one I use in Windows 98.  My crashes only happen when
reading.  I suppose I could say how often if I used it more, but I've
of given up on xp for now.  I really need a new motherboard, but I'm sure
Microsoft would object to Xp being installed on what they will think is a
new computer.
I don't know if Kurzweil can object to my motherboard too, but I wouldn't
surprised about it if it did.  Maybe it is just a continuation of the
multiple synthesizers conflicting problem.  It shouldn't be the sound
because I don't use the onboard one.  I installed a SoundBlaster Live

Sarah Van Oosterwijck
curious entity at earthlink dot net

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> Describe the system.  That's not happening here at all.
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> > Kurzweil 7 and 8 like to crash after completely random intervals on
> > computer under xp.  Crashes are far less rare for me in 98, and that
> > dispite the fact that I use 98 about 98 percent more. lol
> > Of course when it crashes in 98 I most likely will have to restart my
> > computer, and in xp that isn't necessary to continue.  I am always
> > reading something I have scanned when this happens.
> > I believe it is synthesizer related, but I can't prove it. Xp just
> > allow the use of enough synthesizers that are both tollerable and
> unrelated
> > enough to be run at the same time with Kurzweil and jaws.
> >
> > Sarah Van Oosterwijck
> > curious entity at earthlink dot net
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