[bksvol-discuss] Re: page breaks and Hard page breaks

  • From: "NANCY M HILL" <girlyscream@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 03 Jun 2008 22:01:31 -0400

A soft page break is when Word or whatever program you're using
automatically runs over to the next page.

By That, do you mean that everything is on a page except for a word or 2?
To correct that, you lengthen the page so it sucks up the overage words and includes them on the prior page If you save it like that, then the soft break will be gone because there aren't any overflow words anymore. I think if you were to then save that page, them you would not be bothered by soft page breaks anymore. Should you leave the paper set at legal as you review thru the bbook?

 To correct this in Word, you go
to Page Setup which is in the File menu and then hit control tab until you
get to the paper tab.  You can then select the paper size as Legal which
should get rid of those random soft page breaks.  (Thanks to Jamie for this

Hard page breaks are what I think of as real page breaks.  They're the
actual pages in the book and should correspond with the print copy.
There's an actual character in the file that tells it that a new page is

Does that help? Ywes, thank you.

But what must be done to save the 'har' d pagebreaks?

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