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  • Date: Fri, 14 Oct 2005 08:28:28 -0400

Let's be honest here. "Somewhat ironic" is an understatement. You and I know the kind of wreckage I and Kenneth and others are really talking about. We need to all be on the same page and working on this issue together. I for one am concerned now when I validate and if the volunteer poool has missgivings this is hardly a good sign.

The effect of not having correct page numbers is to make bookshare products seem sloppy. But as blind folks I know we are supposed to be grateful for poorly recorded books, late arriving class material, non-existent page numbers and other totally preventable chaos.

I may not pay much for this service but I do pay. I get a lot of books from bookshare. School systems also buy bookshare subscriptions. Surely we ccould figure out how to allot funds and resources for this project. As part of the grassroots who started this organization, the blind users, I pay for qualyt and expect it. I would pay a surcharge for site and book improvement and so might the schools. There is a lot of good will in the community. I suggest we go for quality. I know we are already striving for quantity. Let's keep the good will by producing books we as volunteers can be pround of and bookshare can be prouud to have in the collection. Book page numbering is a necessity not a luxury for us blind folks as well as for our sighted friends.


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