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  • From: "tom hawkins" <tjhawk1@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <bksvol-discuss@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 29 Sep 2005 16:59:50 -0700

Friends, I've been trying to identify some problems with page-breaks that have 
apparently shown-up in a couple of my books, so I need help from some one who 
will down -load a greatbook, validate it and let me know what you find. The 
title is Dangerous Magic edited by susan little. The book has been uploaded. I 
would really appreciate the help! 

Below is the download with my normal book upload info. 

Tom Hawkins tjhawk1@xxxxxxxxxxx 

Edited by Denise LITTLE

Copyright © 1999 by Tekno Books and Denise Little.

322 pages.

Falling in love is simple...except when vampires, Faerie Princes, ghosts and 
other apparitions are involved.

ISBN: 0-88677-825-5

Though fantasy and romance have their own devoted followings, the two have 
often been intertwinded in tales that are richly satisfying to both 
readerships. Now writer and editor Denise Little has brought together the 
talents of such masterful fantasy and romance writers as Andre Norton, John 
DeChancie, Michelle West, Peter Crowther, Roberta Gellis, and their equally 
skilled compatriots to create this volume of original and evocative stories 
that are certain to bespell both hearts and imaginations.From a seemingly 
hopeless romance between a mortal and a vampire to a modern retelling of an 
ancient Gaelic myth in which a man falls in love with a bespelled woman who is 
ugly but brilliant, charming and good tempered during the day and beautiful and 
shrewish during the night, to an intricate tale of ghost crossed love to a 
guardian angel who becomes far too involved in a mortals' romance, there is all 
the otherworldly enchanment anyone could wish for, the perfect change to 
fulfill your heart's desire with.....

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