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If you understand where the page break should be, then you should add it
because books must have page breaks as of Spring of last year.  If you don't
know where missing page breaks should go, then you should reject the book.


If there's a problem with only one page break, or maybe even two or three, I
don't know that you should reject it, though.  We asked the staff at the
user group meeting here in Dallas during the NFB convention to clarify their
policy related to No Page Breaks since a few volunteers have taken the
position that this means that there need be only a handful of page
breaks-seems like someone even made the argument that only one is needed-for
the book to qualify for acceptance, but the staff confirmed that this is not
what they intended.  They haven't given us a guideline as to how many can be
missing before a book should be rejected, though, so I'd use the guideline
for missing content as a basis until they do.  If there's more than one or
two missing and you can't determine where they should go, I'd reject it.
Until we have a clarification on the policy, however, that's only a
suggestion.  I think it's safe to say, though, that if you get up into
double digits, then you should definitely reject the book.








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Hi all,


I understand about the page numbers-and what they are, but here is my


Let's say the page (where the page break is "suppose" to be is 121 and the
numeric  page is 101 (usually i find this next to the author's name or the


I go up and find no page break above that line with the numeric number and
author's name is.


This is happening in a great part of the book I am validating, so am i
supposed to add the page breaks and if so, where do i add them and how.  I
know the command in word is control+enter. 


Does anyone understand what i am saying?


I have "normal checked" in the view.


I did this after looking at "Jake's hints".




Linda k.

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