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That is a wonderful, romantic story. Elizabeth, you
need to add a romance section. I think Mickey has a
story that would fit into that category, too. 


--- Dan Beaver <dbeaver888@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> You are so right about initial responses having a
> lasting effect.  You could ask my wife about this.
> In the fall of my senior year of highschool I
> attended a regular public school instead of a school
> for the blind.  One day we were going to be having
> an assembly to kick off our home coming week events.
>  I was standing in the hall outside the auditorium
> waiting for the assembly to start.
> I had been visiting with some friends when I heard
> someone ask if I needed any help.  I turned and said
> no that I was just waiting for the assembly.  I
> realized it was a young lady from one of my classes.
>  She was very quiet and generally spoke only when
> she was spoken to.  I had not had the opportunity to
> talk with her before.
> We began talking and ended up attending the assembly
> together and then all the week's events as well.  We
> dated through that year of highschool and were
> married about a month after graduating.  We worked
> our way through college together and through early
> years of employment and on to today.  That was 31
> years ago.
> Yes, initial responses can have a lasting effect. 
> ;-))

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