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Well, Jamie, I'm sorry for you, but not sorry enough to have given up what
my sister got at Macdonald's: 1 Big Mac, 1 small hamburger (regular, not
quarter-pounder), 1 regular French fries, 1 cherry pie, and 1 vanilla shake.
Can't share because I ate every bite. How's that for unseemly gloating?
Happy New Year. You can stock up on pizza from the market. I like the one
with the sausage. Regards, Kim.


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No fair! I tried to get pizza tonight on my way home from work (yes,
Valerie, I am a pizza addict). the first place was open but not taking any
more orders. The second place, closed. Third place, closed. Fourth place,
closed! All before midnight! Don't these people know it's New Year's Eve and
we want food? Even McDonalds was closed. So not fair. 

Jamie in Michigan

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