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Ahem, Just Pets?  <grin>
Two people, two cats, two dogs.  Symetry is good.  We've actually had as many 
as three cats and 3 dogs, but that was a while back.  Anyway, they seem to be 
happier if they have company.

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  How cute! How quickly they became friends.  I don't
  think I've seen any boxers as guide dogs--or are these
  just pets? May I ask why you want two, or are you
  training Cassie for an organization?


  -- Gary Petraccaro <garyp130@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

  > Cassie, boxer.   Our older
  > boxer, Kira, stuck real close to her, making sure
  > nobody hurt her foster-child.  When we all got home,
  > Kassie climbed on top of Kira and fell fast asleep. 
  > It was a long and tiring day after all.

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