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Her.  Well, I don't know.  She Hates her crate and prefers to stay with our dog 
who has decided that she's some kind of foster mom.  They spend time together.  
The big dog tries to play with the puppy, pushing her across the floor, and, 
today, the little girl has decided to try and play back ever so little.  I took 
her out at midnight and 1 because I was awake and trying to read this history 
of India and couldn't sleep.  She actually tried to climb the steps up to the 
screen door, reaching all the way up with her paws, and just resting against 
the step.  I picked her up, took her upstairs and laid her on her blanket.  She 
went fast asleep.  She hasn't done much except eat and sleep and bathroom until 
today.  She's not making much of a mess though.  I let her out just now, or I'd 
not be writing this.  Does this make any sense?  The cats are now staying in 
whatever room she's in for reasonable periods of time.  They're acting as they 
usually do, now, after a day and a half of adjustment.  The little cat, on the 
puppy's first day, jumped on the couch, kind of right in the pup's face and the 
little girl "barked-barked" at her and the cat took off.  Now, things have, as 
I've said, calmed down--no hissing.

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  Hi Gary, how's the puppy?  Is he being a good puppy.. as far as puppys go. 
<g>  is the kitty/s getting along with the puppy? 
  Kelly C

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