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  • Date: Thu, 24 Aug 2006 02:08:29 -0400

My neighbor is such a sweet lady. She is totally losing it. Ernie I am sorry for being so ill humored and less open to humor in some forms. Mama died suddenly of a massive brain hemorage in 1999. She was 84. She was capable and totally wonderful all her life. I would hate to come down with something lingering and I just plain feel sorry for my neighbor and her husband.

I am not going to lose financially. If you mean bookshare not saying I have another year membership (grin) I will get over the financial hurdle. As for the money I am being denied because I did not get their inaccessible form in quickly I am calling my Congressman. I do not even care if it is a big amount of money or not. The point of the thing is revolting. Our state government is staffed by people Macdonald's rejects.
Burton the puppy will have the lime suppressed by antibiotics. Dogs get lime all the time. We have stuff to put on them every month but many vets are now recommending the vaccine as well. They say the risk of re-infection once the vacine is administered is just about nothing. Burton hates taking pills and is being very brave. I got chopped meat and mush the pill into a bit of that and get it down his throat. My other dogs have been more patient pill takers. Poor puppy!!
This too shall pass. For you new folks I usually am more cheerful.

What do folks think about posting the kinds of books we like so new people on bookshare can get to know our literary sides instead of just listening to me moan about things. (grin)


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