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Hi Monica,

No, I do not yet have a solution.  There is a checkbox.  The problem is that 
there is no license agreement.  I imagine the person who set up my computer 
signed me up online, and when I uninstalled and then reinstalled that made 
it like a new installation.  I have e-mailed a couple of local  people and 
will make a phone call too.  Thanks for asking about it.  Until I get it 
fixed I won't be able to validate, because that is all I have with which to 
validate RTF files.

Sue S.

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Hi, Sue. Were you able to find a solution for this problem? I haven't seen a 
situation like this one but wonder if there is a checkbox that has to be 
checked for you to accept the license agreement. Sometimes using your Jaws 
cursor and looking toward the bottom of the screen can help you find a box 
to check. I'm not an expert on Office installation, so this is just a guess 
on my part.

Monica Willyard

siss52 wrote:

  I had to uninstall MS Word 2002 and reinstall it.  I have Windows XP and 
Jaws 7.0.  Ok, after the reinstall, it tells me I will have to accept the 
end user license agreement before using the product.  I do noot have this 
agreement on my computer.  Does anyone know a link where I can get it and 
sign it online?  Or is it perhaps buried in Office 2002 somewhere?  In the 
meantime I cannot use good ol' Word!!!

  Thanks for any help.

  Sue S.

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