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Thanks for the welcome.

I have been a volunteer for a few months now but had not been adding my two 
cents very often until recently. I tend to be up late as I don't sleep well at 
night (the humidity in Florida goes up almost every night) and end up falling 
asleep during primetime tv so that leaves some time for reading and/or scanning 
or validating but I have only been doing much of that for almost 2 months as I 
had no scanning program until the K1000 demo.  I just got the OpenBook demo but 
have not quite figured it out and have a book I very much want to validate 
preferably with it.  I am not only new to the list but only 2 years into 
computers with no courses to help.   Be careful asking me questions as I live 
alone and get to see/talk with few people so have lots of communicating stored 
in my brain with little outlet until this list and a few email family (who have 
heard it all before). I stopped reading Hugo to scan and validate  two books 
and am waiting to continue the second.  I ran out of Kes. time. 

Writing is something I know. I taught freshman comp both courses as well as 
tech writing (*ugh) and some creative writing - not that that can be taught, 
only edited.  And I don't trust editors (Malcolm Cowley,  Faulkner's editor is 
one reason why).  Reading any Viking Portable or the Scribner equivalent and 
you will understand the good and the bad (Cowley is both).  Thank heavens for 
Christopher Tolkien.  He was the best editor his father ever had. If you don't 
believe me look at the Lost Tales and The Silmarillion. 

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> Did you just join the volunteer list Amy?  Those who are awake at night 
> know who we are.  I too like Tolkien though I do not believe I ever joined 
> the list.  I have all I can do with course work right now.  I am also over 
> fifty.  Am going back and taking writing courses after working an appalling 
> number of years at a nine to five.  Working is something I can 
> do.  Commuting is ridiculous and there was a lot of it.
> Welcome.
> E.  
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