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Julie & Kellie et.al,

All cats are weird and some are weirder than others.  Every cat I have 
previously shared a home with has loved peanut butter.  Not my current 
roommates.  Neither one will touch the stuff.  Nor will they eat tuna, 
sardines, turkey (real) or any other people food I have offered.  Tybalt will 
eat almost every cat treat by any brand.  Ygraine rarely eats cat treats but 
both Love Purina's Friskies Hairball Remedy for Adult Cats but  you have to be 
careful to limit them to 6 once any given day.

Warning to any fans of Nutro Cat Foods.  They have a new one: Max Cat / Gourmet 
 Classics /Salmon Flavor/ Adult.  Not only would neither of my cats eat it but 
every ant within five miles came running and I have not had ants in this 
apartment in over ten years. At first I did not realize that it was the cat 
food which is dry but I thought that the cat food just happened to be where 
they arrived; but no.  I cleaned up, put out mouse poison, and put their  food 
in the kitchen (which they hated) where there had never been any ants.  Two 
days later the ants found the food.  Now the food has been removed from the 
apartment and is on its way to the dump by way of the pet store and chlorox has 
cleaned up my apartment and the ant bait is more or less precautionary.  
Without that food, the ants have not come back.


Happily ant free


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