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Hello Kasonrda, 


Sending along warm support. I'm sure you will do fine. Being pregnant can
sometimes be a mixed blessing. My daughter Emily was two weeks late and she
was 9 pounds 4 ounces! And like we use to joke, That's a big 10-4! She was
born on October 4th:-) 


Sending a Merry Christmas and happy 2006! 



Katie Hill 
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I want to thank everyone who has expressed best wishes for my pregnancy.
Kelly is right that at some point I will end up on bed rest.  She saw it
happen with my two boys, and she also saw the episode I had two years ago
with a nasty inner ear infection.  I am not always the world's greatest
patient, and myhusband believes that I have no pain threshold.  There are
things he doesn't know.  Well, all those other times, I wasn't even allowed
to sit at my desktop computer and do stuff.  Now, I have a laptop, and I am
loving it!  Thank you all for your concerns.  Yes, I will keep you guys
updated.  All of you, have a very merry Christmas or a happy holiday of your



Kasondra Payne

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