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Hi, Kasondra. Well, if being on bed rest is what has to happen, I'm definitely 
praying things do go well. Since you had to be on bed rest for your other two 
boys, not being on bed rest might not be an option, but I pray things aren't 
too bad for you this time. Definitely do keep us posted on whatever does end up 
happening, though. Take care.
Julie Morales
Children are fragile. Handle with prayer. --Unknown
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  I want to thank everyone who has expressed best wishes for my pregnancy.  
Kelly is right that at some point I will end up on bed rest.  She saw it happen 
with my two boys, and she also saw the episode I had two years ago with a nasty 
inner ear infection.  I am not always the world’s greatest patient, and 
myhusband believes that I have no pain threshold.  There are things he doesn’t 
know.  Well, all those other times, I wasn’t even allowed to sit at my desktop 
computer and do stuff.  Now, I have a laptop, and I am loving it!  Thank you 
all for your concerns.  Yes, I will keep you guys updated.  All of you, have a 
very merry Christmas or a happy holiday of your choice.  



  Kasondra Payne

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