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Grace, I followed your directions and they worked perfectly. Do you by any 
chance know why the way I did it worked most, but not all of the time? I guess 
it really doesn't matter since I was able to open the file but if you know the 
answer from what I said, I hope you will let me know. Thanks again and, believe 
me, I am saving your instructions. Jill
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  Hi Jill:

  1. Open Kurzweil and press control O.
  2. Shift tab and locate the folder that the book is in. 
  3. Put the cursor on the book.
  4. Press tab, you will then see the title of the book.
  5. Press enter and the book should open. 

  Hope this helps. Let me know if I am not clear.


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  check out 

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    Subject: [bksvol-discuss] opening folders in Kurzweil

    I hope one of you computer experts can help me with this; as far as I know, 
this subject has not been discussed before but it isn't my first experience. I 
downloaded The Golden One by Elizabeth Peters but when I tried to open it in 
Kurzweil, I was told there were" no folders within this folder."  However, if I 
proceed to delete the folder it indicates there is a folder present. I have 
tried this twice now with the same result. Has anyone else had this problem; if 
so what did you do about it? I am using JAWS 7 and Kurzweil 10.5, and as  I 
said this isn't the first time I have had this happen. If I try to open the 
file in Windows Explorer to unzip it there, I get a beep and it won't do it. I 
would be happy to release this book for someone else to try it. 


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