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  • Date: Sat, 06 Oct 2007 08:22:20 -0500

Hi marcus. although it's not a requirement to remove those types of headers, it sure makes reading a book go more smoothly. To remove these headers, just select them as you would any text from within openbook, kurzweil, or whatever word processor you happen to be using. If the header happens to be on the same line with the page number, just select by word until the header is highlighted and hit your delete key. Also, be sure you have a blank line before and after each page number. This will ensure that the bookshare processing software can handle the book more easily, and that vital text won't be removed from your submission. I hope this helps. If I've missed anything, or if I'm incorrect about anything I've said here, someone please feel free to correct me. Thanks all, and have a great day.

At 07:44 AM 10/6/2007, you wrote:
Hi All,
I am new to scanning and have just this week started scannig my first books. The questions I have are about removing the title and/or author name from nearly every page of a book. First, is it a preference for submissions to Bookshare? Second, how do I go about removing author and/or title from a page without removing the page number as well? Any help on these and any related topics about scanning with Openbook would be appreciated

Marcus Williams

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