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You don't see it much anymore, it used to be popular in the 50s and 60s.  Look 
at my Three Hearts and Three Lions to see one way this was done.

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  Kelly C., I've come across the same thing but I left
  the page in. I suppose it gives a sample of how the
  book reads--or it piques the reader's interest. I'll
  leave the queston for someone else in authority to
  answer, though.


  -- Kelly Carlson <kccat@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

  > Gary, you basicly answered my question as well.  I
  > felt left out since I felt no one answered my
  > questions, thanks.  Anyways, you're right, when I
  > read larger print books, I read the front cover,
  > then the back then go into the book.  Since the back
  > is already there, I'll do the front and fix the book
  > up a bit.  :)
  > Would you like to answer the other question? <g>  I
  > have a page at the front that's a copy of a page in
  > the middle of the book.  Now it exist like that in
  > the print copy but there's no reason for it. Can I
  > take it out?
  > Kelly C
  > Kelly C

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