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Funny that you should mention today going to your grandma's and you and she 
both liking older mystery series. Yesterday I finished A is for Alibi. I 
decided that Sue grafton's books were so popular that I should read one. I was 
disappointed. It reminded me of older mysteries I'd read in my youth, 
specifically G. K. Chesteron's Father Brown series and Earl Bigger Charlie Chan 
mysteries. I found we have a couple of the Chesterton books in the collection 
(other nonfiction of his as well), probably from PG, as they're public domain, 
and one Earl Biggers, though I don't know if it's a Charlie Chan one or not.  
My parents had a whole set of the Biggers series, and when I was in junior high 
or high school I read every one. Never could I figure out in advance the 
culprit, even though, finally, I looked for it to be the least suspicious 
person. It may be that now that I'm older and have seen so much tv and so many 
movies, and read all of Agatha Christie, that they wouldn't seem as good to me 
now as they were then, but it would be great if your grandma had some of them 
and you could see if they're worth adding to the collection. I haven't checked 
Gutenberg to see if they're there or not.

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