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Hi Jill,

You have brought up a very good example that I think everyone can learn from.

Here's the crux of the matter, Gustavo repeatedly says:

Please verify if Hertz and Marshall are the authors or editors of this 

He is looking at the book's meta data, which is what is entered on the form on 
the website. Here is the author field on the form:

Rosanna Hertz, Nancy L. Marshall

which by ommission says they're not editors. Yet when Sarah validates the book 
in her comments she says they're editors, yet she has failed to indicate this 
on the form, thus why Gustavo has repeatedly kicked it back. (Sarah has been 
under the impression that Gustavo is looking at the title page.)

Yes, I agree that by the third message Gustavo should have said something else 
to better communicate about this book. Presumably if both of those authors are 
editors that simply needs to be corrected on the form and the book will be 
accepted. Under that assumption, for the record they should be entered as:

Rosanna Hertz (editor), Nancy L. Marshall (editor)

Anybody up for giving this validation a whirl now?

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  Feeling a little guilty about the old books on step 1 I decided to download 
Working Families. What I found was a problem with whether the two names given 
as authors were really that or if they were the publishers. Sarah Blake tried 
discussing this twice with Gustavo and then gave up. I had this experience once 
myself with no meaningful feedback from him and I suspect that many of the 
other old books have the same problem. Since two other people had taken the 
book after Sarah quit and it is still on the list, you can bet I wouldn't touch 
it. My opinion is that these issues need to be dealt with in office unless 
Gustavo is going to take the time to educate us as to exactly what he wants us 
to do to convince him. 


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