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Oh, Kerry,

These are wonderful selections.  I will be loving them all.

When they make it up.

I am really glad you have the two microwave cook books and the one on 
chocolate.  NLS has very little on Microwaving and chocolate, and I can't 
get Chocolate Encyclopedia to scan, all those darn fractions, smile.


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Hi all,

I got 32 books at the Palo Alto book sale for $5. Good deal!

Art and music were requested, so I got The Painter's Eye, History of Art,
and The Music Lover's Handbook.

Crafts were requested, so I got Family Book of Crafts (it lists 32 crafts
on the cover and is 575 pages long so it should satisfy people for a

Cookbooks were requested, so I got a cookbook from Omaha Steaks, The
Chocolate Cookbook, The Microwave Master, The Microwave Cookbook, and
Cooking for Two. (Couldn't find any Xmas cookbooks - sorry!)

Agatha Christie was requested, so I got Curtain, Elephants Can Remember,
The Mysterious Affair at Styles, Postern of Fate, and Spies Among Us,
which is 3 novels in 1 - They Came to Baghdad, N or M?, and Murder in
Mesopotamia (the last one is already on, but the other 2 are new)

Dorothy L. Sayers was requested, so I got Unnatural Death (couldn't find
any more by her)

Medical terminology was requested. I couldn't find any so I got Asimov's
Words of Science instead.

Gustavo didn't request anything, but I know he likes good literature, so I
got the 1st volume of Bertrand Russell's autobiography, Eight Great
American Short Novels, Short Story Masterpieces, Prize Stories of the O.
Henry Awards for 1985, and Books That Changed America.

Lastly, Spanish books were requested, so I got 11 of them. Encuentro
oportuno, Diario de Ana Frank, Golem El Coloso de Barro, Romancero gitano,
2 novels in 1 - El agente confidencial and El idolo caido, San Manuel
Bueno Martir y tres historias mas, Vientos sin Rumbo, Los Adventureros,
Alli Donde el Mar Recuerda, Contactos sin Limite, and Gloria Estefan.

I will take these books into the office and start chopping them next week.
 Unfortunately there's a backlog of about 30-40 books waiting to be
scanned (luckily they're mostly kiddie books and small), so it may take a
couple of weeks before the new ones start showing up on the download list.
 I just remembered, the office is going to be closed from December 20 to
the beginning of January, so these books will be delayed a bit more,
probably into mid-January.

Thanks to everyone who provided me with suggestions.  I read only 5 or 6
emails before going off to the sale, but next month, I will take all your
suggestions and see if I can't find more requested books.


--- Pratik Patel <pratikp1@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Carrie,
> Once you obtain the books, please let us know of your results.  I'd be
> curious to know.
> Prat
> Pratik Patel
> Interim Director
> Office of Special Services
> Queens College
> Director
> CUNY Assistive Technology Services
> The City University of New York
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> Hi all,
> Once a month, the Palo Alto library has a sale on its old withdrawn
> books,
> and for the last 2 hours, a bag of books costs $5.  I'm planning on
> going
> in a couple of hours and getting a bag of books for Bookshare.  What
> books
> should I get? (Marissa has already asked for their Spanish books.)
> Mind you, these are all OLD books (none of them popular, or else someone
> else would have grabbed them).  There are loads of old gardening and
> cook
> books.  Any preferences?  Now that I think of it, there's almost no
> sci-fi
> but there are mysteries and lots of fiction and some textbooks.
> Carrie
> PS, sorry for the late notice, but I'll keep a list and go to the sale
> next month, if you respond after today.
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