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Hi Gail,

Original message:
We have a sighted friend who is going to do some work for us.  In trade
he wants us to teach him to read.  I need to find materials available
to a blind and sighted person.

Hmmm, well, that's a tall order. The materials you'll need are dependent on why this adult doesn't know how to read. Is he not an English speaker? Does he have a learning difference? These questions are what will affect what materials you use.

You also need to teach him to write. You can't teach reading without teaching writing. It's impossible, Gail. You just can't do it. So, you'll have to modify things, have him write on the computer. You would find it difficult to teach cursive writing, but he's got to write. These are two sides of the same coin. It's like learning Morse Code, you have to be able to send and receive.

Might I suggest stuff from literacy volunteer? You will need books that are not for children. You want subjects for adults but simplified, not dumbed down.

This isn't an easy do, and probably well worth the $5,000.00

Ann P.

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