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  • From: Cindy <popularplace@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: bksvol-discuss@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 3 Apr 2006 00:16:26 -0700 (PDT)


I'm glad you're a night owl--or should I say morning

Kenneth said he's requested volume 2 of the same
edition and will scan it, and I have the book--though
I will probably at some point have to return it and
then borrow it again--but that's no problem.

Keeping books in txt causes them to lose fonts like
italics and also to lose hard page breaks. We are now
able to  upload txt books converted to rtf, so the
best thing for you to do would be to convertyour txt
file to rtf and keep it that way. (Aren't you glad you
took this on and are learning so much about
bookshare?) smile.

Please don't lose your wonderful sense of humor.  With
Guido gone from the list because he's too busy, we
only have you and Pratik, and maybe occasionally
Gustavo, to make us chuckle or lol--and some others
occasionally, too, like Sue, I think.

Of course the mere name Guglamesh, with or without
italics, makes me smile. 


--- k4zq <k4zq@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Cindy, et al,
> This is my final statement on the Norton.
> First of all, Cindy, thanks for the missing pages,
> and for the offer of help in the future.
> I had rejected this book for what I thought were
> logical and legitimate reasons.  Then, I was asked
> to re-submit the book and continue validating it.  
> Today on the list, I received some e-mails that per
> haps I mis-interpreted, but which deserve a reply.  
> I have not applied for any submission credits.  to
> do so would have been dishonest, since whoever
> scanned the book deserves full credit for submitting
> it.  As for 50 cents credit for validating over
> 2,000 pages, that's a damned insult, and I wouldn't
> accept it if it were offered to me.  My time isn't
> that worthless.  Either I'm doing this book out of a
> love of literature, or not at all.  This amount for
> this much work is simply ridiculous, and not worth
> the trouble.  
> Gerald, I must address you directly, since you
> waited till after the book was re-submitted to make
> the statement that a rejection was not official
> until Gustavo approved it.  You'd have been of much
> more help if you had said so before I went to the
> trouble of re-submitting it, and been so good as to
> tell me where to retrieve the file.
> Cindy, again, I'm extremely grateful for your offer
> of continued help, for, I was going to say that I
> would validate the book with or without the missing
> pages, and let the chips fall where they may. 
> However, thanks to your generosity, that has become
> a moot point.
> By the way, Cindy, you're right, it does make one
> feel as though he (or she) is back in a college lit
> classroom.
> Finally, if someone scans and submits vol. II of
> this edition, I'll be happy to work on it, since it
> then will be a matched set.  Otherwise, someone else
> can validate the copy of a later edition, then hope
> that vol. I of that edition is done.
> So, that's it, folks.  Now, instead of wasting my
> time in fruitless discussion and veiled accusation,
> I am going to work on the book.
> Again, Cindy, thanks for the pages.  I shall paste
> them in, and continue from there.
> Peace,
> Ernie
> Ps
> Cindy,
> The original file I have is in askiitxt format.  If
> the rtf pages won't match, please send them to me in
> the matching format.
> Ernie

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