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  • Date: Fri, 15 Jan 2010 10:44:24 -0500

Hi all,

Interesting search experiment. When you search, you get a page of results and often those results are legeon. I discovered a handy-dandy thing just now. Just above where the results start is a little section headed 'modify your results'. In there are three or four combo boxes which are, it happens, kinda important. These here combo boxes help you narrow down your results. Here's what happened to me.

I went searching for "Tolkien, J.R.R." And I got a hundred and thirty one results including all the books by Tolkien plus others. So, I went to the little combo box above all those results, just on account of it said, modify your search. In the author combo box whose default says something like 'most relevant authors', I opened up the little darling, and one of the choices was 'Tolkien, J.R.R.' I chose that and pressed the spacebar on the 'go' button. Well if I wasn't totally surprised. I got ten results, just ten. All books by Tolkien.

My advice to them's is dissatisfied with the new search to experiment a mite. Don't give up. You'll find what you need. Be patient. This am a learnin' curve folks, and there's no tutorial, yet. <sigh> "Hoy, hoy, ou embliere hrair", I'm gonna be writing curriculum for the rest of my life! If I do write something, maybe it ought to go on the web site under how to use the search tool? Whatcha think?

Ann P.

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