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A good friend of mine is selling a large number of used historical novels really cheap on ebay starting tomorrow. She said they include Biblical, Medieval, French Revolution, Elizabethan, American Civil War, Russian Revolution.

I promised I would tell everyone I know that loves the genre and likes cheap books . I may get to the medieval before you do though.

Just go to www.ebay.com and look for all items by seller


She is the author of "The Confession of Piers Gaveston" and "The Boleyn Wife", scheduled for release next Ferbruary. If you ask nice, she will also throw in an autographed bookmark!


Happy reading!

Nan Hawthorne     hawthorne@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Author of "An Involuntary King: A Tale of Anglo Saxon England" -- available now!

"The author’s sound ear for dialog. Indeed, talk bubbles throughout this book, talk of high 
state affairs, the outpourings of the heart, and the joking prattle of old friends, and all of it works 
a kind of magic on the reader. Lawrence and Josephine’s world is one in which that reader will 
want to linger, and by the end of the book, many of its characters will feel like old friends."  
Historical Novels Review Online

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