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Be sure to alert Bookshare when you do at 


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Subject: [bksvol-discuss] next 2 books I will scan

No sense putting them on the being scanned list, they will be scanned and 
submitted before the list is updated.

But the next 2 books I will scan are:

Horse Happy (Wind Dancers #2) by Sibley Miller
Ages 6 and up
The Wind Dancers couldn’t be happier when they set up home in an apple tree 
house. And they’re ready to celebrate with an outing to pick blackberries. Life 
couldn’t get better, but they can make it a lot worse!


Spider and His Son Find Wisdom: An Akan Tale
Retold by Melinda Lilly
While trying to gather up all the wisdom he thinks he has wasted on the 
villagers, Ananse the spider learns something new himself.

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