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Sue, I was delighted to see your proper use of "whom"
in your post. People so often are careless aboutg
using proper grammar(I try but I think sometimes I
goof, too, since I don't re-read what I write). I
think most of us here are pretty careful, and of
course this is informal, but still . . . I've been
happy to notice that news anchors are being more
careful and using the singular form of the verb with
"none" instead of the plural.

--- siss52 <siss52@xxxxxxx> wrote:

> Beats me.  I just looked as well and it seems to
> take you to the NFB
> newsline..  It does say to contact
> support@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
> for any feedback, etc..  the gentleman there whom
> everyone calls Peter is
> very nice and will give you an answer if he has one.
>  Anything else would be
> guesswork.
> Sue S.
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> Now they aren't even on the site.  whaths' happened?

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