[bksvol-discuss] new volunteer with some validating questions

  • From: "Christine Parsons" <christine-parsons@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <bksvol-discuss@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 10 Dec 2007 23:18:18 -0600

Hi Booksharians,

My name is Christine. I've been a member of Bookshare for a few years now, but 
I just recently signed up to be a volunteer. I'm in college, so I don't often 
have a lot of extra time, but with winter break fast approaching, I'll be able 
to do a lot of scanning and validating. I downloaded my first book to validate 
tonight. It's Dark Pacific: Final Fathom by David E. Meadows. The scan is 
virtually perfect, which makes things really easy, but I do have a few basic 
questions. I'll start with the easiest one. I have never read a book by this 
author before, so I am unfamiliar with the proper spellings of his characters' 
names. Does anyone know if one of the character's names is Mary Showdernitzel 
or Mary Showdemitzel? The scan shows it both ways, and the perfectionist that I 
am, I want to get it right. Next, I am fairly sure that the book is divided 
into chapters because there is a "chapter 1" and "chapter 2" title, but after 
that, there are no more chapter titles. Finally, there is one place near the 
beginning of the book where I think there is a page or part of a page missing. 
If anyone on the list can help me resolve these issues, or if the submitter is 
on this list and could contact me, that would be wonderful, because as I said, 
this scan is nearly perfect otherwise and has so far been very enjoyable as my 
first validating effort.


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