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Yes, please send email notice announce to booksbeingscanned@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx 

Announcements to this discussion list do not get picked up by anyone on staff 
and added to the Wish List or Books Being Scanned List.

One other thing that saves lots of time here. When you email that you are 
scanning a book please note whether or not it was on the Wish List.



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Hello, Scott.
Should we also send an e-mail to the books being scanned address when our scans 
are approved so they can be removed from the list?  Or does the person managing 
the list remove them automatically?


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Hi Monica,

Here are some key addresses. Their purpose is in their name:




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Hello to all.  Would someone be able to give me the link to the new books 
website?  I’d appreciate it.  I thought I had it in my favorites but I guess 
not.  Thanks so much.
Monica Svopa

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