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  • Date: Sat, 5 Mar 2005 01:38:09 -0500

Sue, didn't say we were labeling people. I said language labels. A K A a label on a book indicating what language it is. The lil line that says, language: Spanish, or language: English. It's there as one arrows down a book description. And, My point was that, such a line need not be on the book's basic description. That purpose may be best served on the download page.

It's all in my message below. Hope that clarifies. I had thought I had been specific originally. Let me know if it's still not. <smile>.


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HHey! We are not labeling people by giving them choices of language. We give choices of brf or daisy. Prat's idea sounds okay, but we can down arrow quickly and scroll past it. <smile> No offense meant, though Allison.

Sue S.

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From: "Allison" <alwaysallie@xxxxxxxxxxx>

I still say get rid of it. The main books Bookshare has in other languages
are Spanish ones. Those are often pretty obvious. If the title and the
synopsis are in a language other than English, then chances are, the book is
not in English. If we have to keep it, then Prat's suggestion is fine, but
I believe we are smart enough to handle figuring it out. If we really need
it, put it on the download page along with the ISBN, submitter, long
synopsis, etc.

So I say it again... Death to all language labels! Down with the labeling!
Seize the day! All rise up! Resist oppression! Speak out! over-come!
Revolutionize... damn the man!

Okay. Whoa, sorry. Got a lil carried away there. It's been a long week.
Think I may have just stumbled into the wrong outlet for my feelings.
<smile>. The part about the language labels is true, but the rest... uh...
never mind.


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How about if we have a title like Les Miserabble or Nobless Oblige?  We
to specify language.  Sorry to disagree.  <smille>

Sue S.

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From: "Pratik Patel" <pratikp1@xxxxxxxxx>

There may be some inherent value in keeping that option. But as it's an
optional info field, it should be moved down for quicker processing. Most
titles are likely to be in english and most individuals will not need to
make changes to the field.


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I like your suggestions. I really can't see why one needs a language
indicator at all. Can't we tell from a foreign language title that the
is in that language? I can see a value to be able to search for a given
language, of course, but when I see the title, I know its either a
I underrstand, and hence know what language it is, or I don't, in which
case, it doesn't much matter. Those who do know that language will
know. But if you must indicate language with each book, please put it
all other relevant info.

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