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I just tried it and it worked. I did a search for books from 02/01/2005 to 
today and it told me 408 books were added this month. 
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  Hi Sue,

  Since I'm awake, I thought I'd answer instead of Mike.  The website is:

  For all the books submitted in the past week, set the starting box to Feb 20, 
2005 and set the ending box to Feb 27, 2005.  You should see 'Found 83 matches' 
and a list of all 83 books.

  HTH, Carrie

  siss52 <siss52@xxxxxxx> wrote:


    Would you mind sending that new books link again please? I didn't get
    results either but I think it is the search boxes I didn't understand..

    Sue S.

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