[bksvol-discuss] Re: need help w/treasury of xmas miracles

  • From: "Jackie McBride" <abletec@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 3 Dec 2007 17:41:18 -0700


No, I wouldn't let the work go to waste--I'd release the book, but
send my work as an attachment to whomever helps w/this.  The
co-validator would just save it in a different location from where
s/he downloaded the book from bookshare, then browse to that location
to upload it.  No1 needs to deal w/it but whoever does this &
myself--that'll make things a whole lot less complicated, & less
complicated is all I generally can handle lol.  If u can get the book
& need clarification on that explanation, let me know--I probably did
not express myself particularly eloquently, assuming that were
possible for me in the first place.

The problem w/the pagination is that page numbers evidently began
w/roman numerals but I'm not sure where page 1 starts.  &, like I
said, the titles are messed up.  If u do it it should be a quick $2.50
for u.  Karen Kingsbury is indeed the author.

I'm not gonna release the book till I have a validator in place & have
it coordinated so that s/he can grab it real quick so it doesn't get
"vulture validated".

Normally I could get this on interlibrary loan & do this myself but my
optacon is busted & no telling when it's gonna get fixed (doing so
isn't cheap) & it's the holidays & yada, yada, yada--you're not
interested lol.  If I can find an alternative way I'll let folks know
but it does not look promising.

On 12/3/07, Jamie Yates, CPhT <jamieyates@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Jackie, are you saying that when you're doing cleaning up the book, it just
> needs the chapter titles typed in and check on the page breaks/numbers?
>   The problem is if you release the book, all your hard work on cleaning up
> stuff will be lost.
>   I am willing to work on the chapter titles and page numbers/breaks if I
> can get the book.
>   I wonder if you can upload the book (accept it) on step 2 but then tell
> Claire to send it back to step 1 so someone else can get it to do the
> chapter titles and page numbers?
>   Is Karen Kingsbury the author? If so, I can get the book through
> interlibrary loan.
> Jamie in Michigan
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