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  • Date: Sun, 08 Nov 2009 14:00:37 -0600

Hi Denise!!

Couldn't you tell from the table of contents what page each chapter should be on?

I could call our local libraries.


At 06:08 PM 11/8/2009, Denise Thompson wrote
Hi list. I'm proofing a book and there are no chapters listed. It's One moonlit Night by Samantha James- 1997. I've tried my local library, they don't have it. I even asked my sister to try her library in MI. Her library participates in the library loan program, but they couldn't find it either. The scanner gave or donated the copy he had already. It's ready to go accept the chapters. I hate to reject it. If it's possible for any of you going to your libraries anyway to check and see if it's there, I'd appreciate it. All I need is a list of the chapters and page numbers. If anyone finds it you can just email me off list. My email is at the top of this message. Thanks for any assistance.

At 09:10 PM 11/6/2009, you wrote:
Hope your wife is doing well real soon. Good to see you back, Bud! Take care.


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