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Have you ever considered taking Basic Conversational Spanish through the Hadley 
They provide materials in braille and cassette.  You can submit lessons by 
cassete, e-mailing MP3 files, or calling in to a special phone number.

Lori C.

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  Hi, I want to learn Spanish and I know bookshare has Spanish language titles, 
and I have looked a little bit in some of the educational categories, and I 
can't find a textbook for learning Spanish.  Can anybody recommend any good 
books on conversational Spanish and how to search for what seems like a needle 
in a haystack in bookshare's collection of reference and educational and 
textbooks and other educational materials?  I want to be a missionary and teach 
English as a second language but I want to be able to converse as fluently as 
possible in Spanish as I want to particularly minister to the Hispanic 
population.  Thanks and have a blessed day.

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