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In that case I will go ahead and scan it and save it and when you get the book 
just let me know. 
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  I clicked on it and you can read the openers and the prologue for free. Oh my 
gosh! I used to live in Somerset, Kentucky! I loved living there. Well I didn't 
live right in Somerset, I lived outside of town in a little town called 
Yosemite and it's pronounced YOSE-MITE, two syllables, the second syllable 
rhymes with bite.

  Anyway that's where the prologue starts, with the book in Somerset, Kentucky 
Lake Cumberland (which if you're interested, half the lake is in eastern time 
and half the lake is in central time).

  So anyway I've got a hold on the book and it may be weeks but I'll let you 
know when it gets here.

  Jamie in Michigan

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