[bksvol-discuss] my scan just submitted - "Jolson: the Legend Comes to Life" a biography by Herbert G. Goldman

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Hi folks, 
This 1988 biography of Al Jolson has just been submitted. Yes, just in time for 
Christmas. <g>

Feel free to contact me off list if there are any questions.
I have spent more time with this book than any I have scanned before. The 
reference sections at the end especially, to ensure the accuracy of the data.
And I read it with my K-1000 all the way as I went and caught many of the 
little things that I might have otherwise missed. I think it’s a pretty darned 
clean scan, I do. And I hope it gets read and enjoyed by our members and many 
will get a chance to know about this oft forgotten entertainer. I mostly 
remember my grandparents great affection for his talent. And lately my mom (81) 
has joined the AJIS (Al Jolson International Society) and has gotten me in to 
learning more and hearing his songs. (www.jolson.org)

And may you all have a great holiday.
Even though we are all so very sad by this recent horrible violence.
Richard (Rik) James

Long Synopsis: They call him "The Immortal Jolson"--the dynamic king of 
Broadway. Audiences knew him for four decades as The World's Greatest 
Entertainer. Now Herbert G. Goldman gives us the definitive biography of this 
quintessential star of the musical stage. _____With a sure eye for the 
revealing anecdote, Goldman chronicles each step of Al Jolson's colorful life: 
his early struggles with his brother, Harry, on the vaudeville and burlesque 
circuit; his rise to stardom on Broadway, which prompted aVarietywriter to 
proclaim, "The Shuberts may run the Winter Garden, but Al Jolson owns it"; his 
glory at the pinnacle of national fame, which came with his appearances in the 
moviesThe Jazz Singer(the first "talking picture") andThe Singing Fool; his 
subsequent decline and brief resurgence after the film biographyThe Jolson 
Storywas released in 1946; and his final round of appearances in 1950, 
entertaining American troops in Korea just before his death. Goldman explores 
the complexities of the Jolson personality, as revealed in his four stormy 
marriages and his relations with his family, business associates, friends, and 
enemies. _____Jolson's childlike egocentricity, restless spirit, and frequent 
generosity all emerge in this finely rounded portrait. But what emerges most 
vividly is a picture of Jolson the entertainer--a man of the stage whose 
exuberant optimism and magnetic energy enthralled three generations of 
audiences. _____In doing the research for this lively biography, Goldman combed 
major archives, meticulously compiled data from old trade newspapers, and 
conducted numerous interviews among the ever-thinning ranks of those who knew 
and worked with Jolson. The result is a one-of-a-kind rendering of a 
fascinating life and times.
Comments: This book was scanned using Kurzweil K-1000 version 12. Ranked 
spelling after corrections is rated as over a 99 percent accuracy level. Page 
numbers were moved from bottom to top of each page, and text headers were 
removed. A blank line was placed above and below each page number. There are 
large section headings, and sub-headings as chapters. The headings were set at 
the desired larger font sizes and bolded. The end of book reference sections 
(Notes, Stageography, Radiography, Filmography, Discography, and Index) are 
pretty large and were very finely scrutinized for accuracy. The OCR had trouble 
distinguising a 1 and a 2, and so I made it my business to go over these year 
numbers and dates with a pretty fine toothed comb. There is a section of pages 
between chapters that are photographs. The captions were placed in brackets and 
labeled as such. The pages were NOT part of the book's pagination, so they do 
not have page numbers. The scanned .KES file has image kept so I may look up 
issues that may come up and I still have a copy of the book. I am available for 
questions at my email address of d28rik at msn dot com. 
Adult content: No
Language: English US 
Book Quality: EXCELLENT
Categories: Nonfiction, Entertainment, Biographies and Memoirs 

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