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Congratulations! You deserve to be proud. One of the best things about 
Bookshare is that members create most of the collection. You'll have another 
proud moment when you get that message from Bookshare telling you that your 
book has been added to the collection for other members to download. I look 
forward to getting those in my inbox.


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  Hi all,
  I just submitted my first book and am quite proud of my self. I think I 
cleaned it up pretty good, but rated it as fair just in case. If anyone 
chooses to validate it, any comments would be welcome. Oh yeah, the book is 
A Gentleman's Game by Greg Rucka and here is a description.
  Tara Chace may be the most dangerous woman alive. She can seduce you into 
believing she's the woman of your dreams-or kill you with the icy efficiency 
  an executioner. As the new head of Special Operations for British 
Intelligence, she no longer has to court death in the field-she wants to.

  Throw away the old rules, the old school, the old-boy network. The world 
of international espionage is about to learn the hard way that spying is no 
  A Gentleman's Game.

  Marcus Williams

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