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Hello Allison, 

Well, when you get out of detention you can write her and tell her you were
under a lot of stress while locked up:) 


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Oh holy hell! I put detention instead of attention! I'm such an ass!

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        I hope it's not too corny! Here goes! Let me know what you think!
        Dear Mrs. Small,
        My name is Allison Mervis, and I am a junior at Chatham College in
Pittsburgh, PA majoring in English and music. I cannot begin to tell you how
much I enjoy your work! I am totally blind, and when I read your novels, I
feel as though I have been taken to a world where I can see everything
thanks to your detention to detail. I have read roughly 20 of your books
within the last two years and can't wait to read more! Many of your books
have been scanned and uploaded to bookshare.org, a non-profit legal
electronic book site which makes many popular books available to the blind.
The books are generally contributed by bookshare's users, as well as a vast
number of sighted volunteers. The collection now consists of nearly 23000
books varying in subject matter. However, it takes a long time to scan these
books by hand. My purpose in writing to you is not only to praise your work,
but to ask if you might please consider contributing some of your novels to
bookshare in an electronic format to insure faster publication to the site,
and ultimately, faster exposure to our readers. Any donations that you would
make to bookshare would be completely tax deductible. If you are at all
interested, please contact Jane Simchuk. She handles donations. Her email
address is
        I realize that you are most likely very busy, but please write back
if you get the chance. Thank you for reading this, and thank you for being a
wonderful author!
        Allison Mervis

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