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Hi all,

 While I get frustrated by books that need correction when all I want to do is read them, I view it as a challenge and an invitation to re-validate the book. Is this where I should submit the finished product as a BSO? Even if it is only inserting and deleting page breaks so that the bookshare reader can find the page number cited elsewhere.  I may not get all of the errors bu t I do try and the weird pronunciation of my reader does make me double-check some words which I might otherwise miss even if they drive me crazy.

I do have a question. Do I submit a BSO or whatever I have done as a step one or what? And what of the original scanner & validater?

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> I know I'm preaching to the choir here but I guess I hope someone from
> Bookshare staff will see this and begin to think how the situation can be
> improved. I am presently reading for pleasure Out of the Deep I cry by Julia
> Spencer-fleming. It is a mystery and I highly recommend her books for you
> mystery buffs out there. This book has an excellent rating and was scanned,
> of course, by the infamous bookshare volunteer. I may be exaggerating a bit
> but there is hardly a page in this book that does not have a mistake of some
> type, including such things as die for the, mat for that, etc. etc. My point
> in talking about this is to say that it is obvious that neither the
> submitter nor the validator read this book. In my opinion if the submitter
> has not read the book being submitted, this should be made clear, then
> hopefully only a validator who is interested in reading the book should take
> it. I can understand if someone volunteers to scan a book on the wish list
> that they are really not that interested in, but in that case it is even
> more important that thevalidator wants to read the book. If no validator
> wants to read it including the person who put it on the wish list, then I
> would suggest that the book isn't worth being in the colection. I hope some
> day I feel like taking the time to rescan this book because I am ashamed
> that it will be left on the excellent list otherwise. And, of course, that
> means Bookshare will pay $10 instead of $5 to have the book in the
> collection. I know this book can't have been in the collection for a long
> time by the way it is presented in braille. That means that scanners are
> capable of doing a far better job of scanning than is seen here. I recently
> validated a book submitted by Jim Baugh and you know what a great job he
> does. I was reading the book along with others and realized I was really
> holding up his book too long so I put it through Kurzweil's paces and
> submitted it. When I picked it up later as an approved book to finish
> reading it, I recorded 22 mistakes that I had missed. That is an acceptable
> number even though I feel bad about it but I think it proves how necessary
> it is that someone, be it submitter or validator really reads the book from
> cover to cover. And now that validators are being paid $2.50 per book, that
> means that only twenty books need to be read carefully per year in order to
> maintain a free membership. Thank you all for letting me vent and I
> sincerely hope that the Bookshare staff can find some way to express these
> concerns to those volunteers not on this list. Jill
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