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You don't need to have a stroke to lose your spelling ability. As a
lifelong reader I used to be a pretty good speller. Then, after losing my 
and spending years without seeing the printed word, I found my spelling
deteriorating terribly. Getting a computer and doing a lot of typing has led to
quite a bit of recovery, but when I read some of my posts I can see that it
is not a full recovery. Thank all of you for not making a big deal of it.

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No apologies necessary. We're just glad to have you back typing
misspellings and all. Stroke recovery is a long hard road, and you are talking 
to a
of folks who know about long hard roads. Just keep up the good work. 

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Subject: [bksvol-discuss] my apologies for misspelled posts

My brain and/or fingers seem to be doing strange things recently. I am
writing slowly and thought I re-read my posts and I know I spell-checked some
now that I read what I posted I see they're terrible. I'll be much more
careful now that I see I can't make assumptions that I typed correctly and will
carefully read and spell-check before I post.


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