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First, you shouldn't set it to worn you about all pages under 100% because
most even perfect pages don't actually give you a confidence level of 100%.
Just think of how you feel taking a test or something like that.  You
sometimes think you did great, but got things wrong, and sometimes feel you
did badly or at least guessed a lot, but find you have chosen the correct
answers for things you weren't sure about.  That is what those percentages
are about, the confidence of the OCR software, not it's actual accuracy.

Second, I don't know of any way you can separate the page number from the
rest of the header and automatically remove them.  You'll have to do it by
hand until and unless Kurzweil includes a complicated search and replace
feature with the ability to use "regular expressions".  Don't worry about
not knowing what that means, because most people don't. :-)

Sarah Van Oosterwijck
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> In k1000 how do you move the page number down and strip the headers at
> Another question is this, I set the confidence level at 100% but it did
> 32 to say 85% at the most but at 95% it is say about 98% or 99% at the
> Can someone explain this because it was doing fine at the beginning of the
> book say till about page 174 and I set it to 95.0 again and it has doing
> fine ever since. Yes I know I should listen to the cassette but it is fun
> trying to figure things out and then read the books and listen to the tape
> later.

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