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Hi Ellen:
Did you set margins? Just wondering if the book is longer than your margin.
Also did you change recognition ingin? I also play with the contrast. I
lower it to capture missing text. I also change from 300 dpi to 400. 
Hope this helps.   
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Hi group,
I'm using Kurzweil 1000 v.9 to scan a book, and I need some help. I've tried
just about everything I know to do, and it isn't working.
I'm cleaning up problem pages in the same paperback as yesterday. On several
pages, the last two lines of text are missing. A couple of times I've been
able to recover them with a rescan, but more often than not the page's text
ends with a period, with the next page continuing mid-sentence, at times
talking about something completely different. I've changed scanner settings
from grayscale to dynamic, placed the offending page in the middle of the
scanner as opposed to right-justified, put the top of the scanner down, left
it up, pushed down the edges of the book with my fingers, in short,
everything I can think of. What really irks me is that the book has scanned
beautifully, except for this one annoying problem. Does anyone have any
Thank you,

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