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  • Date: Tue, 13 Sep 2005 23:41:03 -0500

Hi, Sarah and Cindy,
I guess I could have been a little more explainitory. <g>
The title on the download was "Wisper in the trees, Mysteries of Sparrow 
Island" by "Susan Plunkett & Krysteen Seelen".
I did both the title and the authers on my library's website.  It didn't come 
up with anything, but I'm not too surprised.  Anyways, I then did the title on 
Google and it didn't come up with anything either.  Then I did the authers and 
it gave my a couple of websites.  The first on I went on was a church's 
website.  Witch is why I think it might be hard to find a print copy of this 
book.  Anyways, it had the book as "Whispers through the Trees (Mysteries of 
Sparrow Island)  by Susan Plunkett -Krysteen Seelen".
I'm going to call my library tomorrow about it.  Maybe they can get their hands 
on a copy.  <g>
Kelly C

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