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More importantly, listening to a book on tape is a much different experience
than reading a text version of it with synthesized speech.
For students it is especially critical to be able to examine the text
closely and be able to lift quotes from it when needed without having to
transcribe.  Also, names and places are almost never spelled out in NLS
recordings, making it impossible for a student to effectively reproduce such
things in a report or paper.
Brian M.

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> Elizabeth
> While I would tend to agree with you on the NLS Web-Braille books, the
> books from RFB&D are a different animal.
> RFB&D books aren't immediately available for download.  RFB&D books aren't
> etexts either so they're a different format.
> Also, the lending requirements of different organizations aren't
> necessarily identical so a customer of one might not necessarily have
> access to the collection of another.
> Having said all that:  I understand where you are coming from.

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